Zorg 2020


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Zorg 2020 is a poem by Brittany Leitheiser and Breanna Barrington that tells the story of a cat from another planet.

This collaborative project was made possible by the RBC Emerging Artists Program.

Brittany Leitheiser is a visual artist, singer, and songwriter at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.  Her imagination and love of writing has inspired an animation project called Monster Manor, as well as many drawings of monsters and fantasy creatures. As a participant in the New Voices project, Brittany worked with award winning singer/songwriter Raphael Freynet to create two original songs and accompanying music videos. She has also performed her own work at two spoken words events in the Skirts-a-Fire Festival.

In 2016, Brittany was awarded the ATB Financial Emerging Artist Award. Brittany looks forward to writing more songs soon and continuing to learn animation skills. Brittany is currently writing a fantasy novel accompanied by original drawings and prints of the characters. She is also creating a comic book. In 2021 she was a key participant in Artist Connect, a national virtual conference for artists with disabilities.

Learn more about Breanna Barrington at breannabarrington.com

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