Flowerly Dream by Kim Casarin

Print of Kim Casarin’s 2020 painting, Flowerly Dream

12 x 15 inches


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About The Artist

Kimberley Casarin joined the Nina Collective in 2019 but has been making art for her entire life. She did not speak until the age of seven and used drawing as a form of communication with those around her.

Today Kim still uses art to express herself. With her highly refined technical skill, she “combines reality with dream”, creating fantasy illustrations and graphics inspired by mythology and memory.

Kim received the Emerging Artist Award in 2019 in recognition of her impressive contributions to the Nina Collective since joining that year. Her work has been featured in the Nina’s Kitchen Gallery as well as several group exhibitions, including the 2020 SkirtsAfire exhibition, Shuffle at the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2022, and Around You/Near You at Gallery@501 in 2023.