Daisies in a Vase by Marla Petecki

Painting by Marla Petecki

Acrylic on paper, 18 x 12 inches


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About The Artist

Marla Petecki was one of the first members of the Nina collective, and she continues to experiment widely in all the studios. She has participated in the Nina dance group and digital storytelling project.

Recently, she has been focused on projects in textiles and painting. Mostly, her ideas come from her imagination, but she also likes to be inspired by things that happen to catch her attention. For instance, a picture of an owl she saw while shopping inspired her to collage, paint, and sculpt a series of owl works.

In textiles, Marla enjoyed learning about texture and experimenting with new elements such as buttons, feathers, and flowers. “I do really fun stuff,” she says. “My work is fun because I enjoy it and because of the colours I use: yellows, oranges, purples and whites.”