Remembering Dyani, Our Unofficial Mascot

We are sad to share that a beloved and much portrayed figure at the Nina, Dyani the blind cat, has passed away. Over the years, our Office Manager Cynthia Sentara‘s cat has been painted, drawn, and sculpted by countless Nina artists, and she will continue to live on through these portraits for years to come. 

Cynthia has been working at the Nina for 15 years. When her cat went missing, Cynthia brought a photo to the studio to show the artists. Curtis Potter made the first re-creation of the photo, which Cynthia keeps framed in her apartment. Many artists followed Curtis’ lead, creating portraits of Cynthia and her missing cat in a variety of mediums.

Eventually Dyani came home, but artists from the Nina have continued recreating the iconic photo for years since. The resulting collection of portraits includes the unique perspectives of over 30 artists and continues to grow. What started as a “missing” poster for the cat has become a recurring motif here at the Nina, with countless artists putting their own spin on it.

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