Treepot by Boyd Dymchuk

Ceramic teapot by Boyd Dymchuk

8.5″ tall, 9″ wide from spout to handle. Top opening is approximately 2″ wide.


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About The Artist

Boyd works mostly in printmaking and clay, exploring both natural and figurative themes. In his artwork, Boyd references things that he observes in his day-to-day. This can take form in ceramic sculptures of pop-culture figures from magazines or television, humorous portrayals of animals from reference photos, and natural environments that he is fond of.

Although he works at the Nina three times a week, Boyd also finds time to build things outside of the studio, giving everyday objects new functions. His fondness of assemblage reflects in the diverse scale of his artwork, and in the way he methodically works both inside and outside his studio time.

In 2020, Boyd received the Lexus of Edmonton “Changed Life Award”.

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