Roller Disco Dino Socks by Jonathan Whittaker

Unisex socks featuring Jonathan Whittaker’s roller disco dino drawings.

One size fits most (Men’s 7-12, Women’s 8-13)

Egyptian combed cotton. Ethically made in Italy.


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About The Artist

Jonathan Whittaker is a multimedia artist with an interest in airplanes and fighter jets. His paternal great grandfather flew fighter planes in World War II, and Jonathan volunteers at the Alberta Aviation Museum weekly. His artistic process requires a great deal of focus and patience. This attention to technical details is recognizable in his blue print style drawings, which depict one airplane from multiple angles. Before beginning a painting on canvas, Jonathan creates three different practice sketches.

Jonathan has been a member of the Nina Collective since June, 2016. His work has been featured in the Marion Allen Kitchen Gallery and he has sold multiple paintings in the Stollery Gallery.