Hydrangea Pin by Decinti Simpson


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Gold and white hydrangea pin drawn by Decinti Simpson.


Decinti S. is an artist from the North West Territories currently practicing in Edmonton. She works primarily in painting and drawing, but since joining the Nina Collective in 2017 she has experimented with sculpture as well.

Decinti’s subject matter varies with her mood. The floral motif that is the focus of many of her paintings is an expression of her joyful, energetic spirit. On days when she feels stressed or anxious she works through those feelings by painting abstract patterns in darker colours.

In 2018 Decinti’s work was featured in the Marian Allen Kitchen Gallery at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. A large-scale reproduction of her “Fall Leaves” painting is on permanent display as a wall-mural in the Edmonton EXPO Centre. The original painting is on display in Kingsway Mall. Decinti plans to continue refining her painting and drawing skills and experiment more with ceramics in the future.

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