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Aba Garbrah

Aba Garbrah is a versatile and highly skilled artist. Much of her work in fused glass, printmaking, painting, and sculpture portrays Black figures from her personal life, history, and media who she admires. 

Aba has shown her work in a solo exhibition at Gallery U as well as in several group shows in the Stollery Gallery. A selection of Aba’s monoprints were included in “Because of Her, I Am”, the 2019 visual art exhibition of the annual Skirtsafire Festival.

Aba has written and published short stories and participated in the Nina’s digital storytelling project. She bowls competitively, and enjoys participation as a Toast Master and has been a volunteer at the Strathcona Place Seniors’ Centre for twenty years.

In 2019, Aba’s dedication to community involvement in the arts and beyond was recognized with the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast CONNECT Award.


Aba Garbrah’s Digital Story

In 2016, Aba participated in a Digital Storytelling workshop at the Nina with a group of other artists and community members facilitated in partnership with Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling.   

Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast


Aba Garbrah’s artwork has brought together people who may not have connected otherwise, and has inspired personal friendships and community connections. She has formed a meaningful bond with her patron Dao Haddad that has grown to include both of their families and places of work.

Video courtesy of Lindisfarne Productions

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