Alberta Rose Pin by Aba Garbrah

Enamel pin designed by Aba Garbrah


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About The Artist

Olivene Aba Gyimah Garbrah (known at the Nina as Aba) is a versatile and highly skilled artist. Her work conveys her fascination with Black culture in North America, often through portrayal of iconic celebrities and important people in her life. Aba excels in many mediums, including fused glass, sculpture, painting, and printmaking. She has also written and published short stories and participated in the Nina’s digital storytelling project. Currently, Aba is exploring abstract painting using geometric shapes and vibrant colours.

Aba’s artwork has brought together people who may not have connected otherwise, and has inspired personal friendships and community connections. In recognition of her community engagement through art, Aba was awarded with the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast CONNECT Award in 2019.

In addition to being an artist, Aba bowls competitively and is the captain of her team, The Happy Strikers. She is dedicated to her community and has been a volunteer at the Strathcona Place Seniors’ Centre for over twenty-one years.