Waiting for the Bus by Amynah Pirani


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Punch needle embroidery by Amynah Pirani

9 x 9 inches

Amynah Pirani is interested in exploring the tactile nature of art. She works predominately with textiles, clay, and mixed media assemblage though she recently began pushing herself to develop and capture texture with paint. Amynah’s process relies heavily on experimentation and she allows her compositions to come together organically and often unfold to create open narratives. Her work is frequently figurative and at times includes text that she hopes will connect with viewers and leave them with uplifting messages.
Amynah aims to create bold and captivating work that gives viewers insight into who she is as an artist and as a person. Her cultural background influences her formal decisions and Amynah mixes Swahili & English text to further establish both cultural and personal links in her pieces. She enjoys collaging textile pieces to create larger integrated work and has been experimenting making three dimensional sculptures out of clay, fabric and found materials to make dimensional and meaningful works.

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