Sasquatch Monoprint by Randy Stennes

Monoprint by Randy Stennes

11 x 11 inches


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About The Artist

Randy Stennes is a prolific artist and member of the Nina Collective for fourteen years. He works with pencil, pastels, and paint, as well as digital animation. Recently he has expanded his practice to include monotype and relief printmaking.

Randy’s passion for art and willingness to try new things have given him a variety of unique opportunities as an artist. In 2015, Randy traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, as a representative for the Nina at an international conference of centres for artists with disabilities. He was captivated by the architecture of Glasgow and often uses the castles he visited as inspiration in his work. He has been selected to work on several special projects at the Nina and his work has been featured in group exhibitions throughout Alberta. In 2018 Randy received the Community Realtors Foundation “Create” Award, given each year to recognize an artist who is developing a unique vision for their own work or has broken through a creative barrier and innovated their practice.

His love for art transcends beyond the Nina. At his group home Randy assists in teaching art classes for his roommates and fills countless sketchbooks with ideas to execute when he is next in the studio.

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