Fox Pin by Aaron Harvey

1.25″ fox pin drawn by Aaron Harvey.


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About The Artist

Aaron Harvey initially focused on drawing in pencil crayon when he first came to the Nina. His early line drawings reveal the lyrical line and sensibility that have become his hallmark. He enlivens his work with bright and imaginative colour combinations as he translates his work with other materials. Aaron begins his process with a composition drawing that he thoughtfully keys with colour. He patiently transfers and methodically renders his design whether he is working in fused glass, needlepoint, or coloured pencil. At the Nina, he has discovered a passion for working with different materials and he has successfully completed many complex artworks and projects. Aaron worked on the permanent installation at the East Edmonton Health Centre. He drew the jungle grasses for one of the large murals commissioned for the Glendale Building. In 2020 his work was included in The Living Valley, a group exhibition at McMullen Gallery. His work is in a number of private collections and is favoured in the Nina’s gift shop.