Lora Pallister

About this artist

Lora Pallister is a versatile visual artist with a keen sense of colour. She works each painting intensively over long periods of time, concentrating on small sections to create a quilt-like tapestry of colour on the canvas. With each painting, Lora experiments with different techniques while also strengthening her own intuitive colour sense.

Lora is an artist at the Nina and has participated in several workshops and special projects. She has had a solo showing at Anglican Parishes, and shown in collaborative exhibitions throughout Edmonton including the Jubilee Auditorium, and the Stollery Gallery’s Summer Republic III, and Encore. Her works have been enlarged as installations at the EXPO Centre in Edmonton and she has recently been awarded as the 2020 Stantec Artist of the Year.

2020 Stantec Artist of the Year

Selected by the Creative Team at the Nina, the STANTEC ARTIST OF THE YEAR is an artist who has demonstrated a consistent commitment to their growth as an artist over a period of at least two years. This artist has developed a vision for their own art making which can be seen through the development of consistent identifiable style and a persistent interest in media or subject matter, resulting in artworks that are consistently chosen for exhibition or sale.

video courtesy of Lindisfarne Productions