Bonnie Blackburn

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About this artist

Bonnie Blackburn has been working at the Nina since 2012. A mother of two, Bonnie is “the mom who can make anything”, according to her children, who are a big inspiration for her work.

Bonnie enjoys painting and drawing but spends most of her time working in ceramics and printmaking. Currently, Bonnie is working on a large scale mixed media sculpture project using primarily found materials.

She also writes poetry. She refers to her written work as her “ink voice”. Bonnie’s art is her way of expressing what she’s feeling and dealing with personally.

Bonnie’s artistic practice extends well beyond the Nina studios and through it she has found new community connections. In addition to the Nina Collective, she is involved in the Street Prints Collective, a group of inner city artists from diverse backgrounds who work together to create, promote, and sell their art. Bonnie incorporates found objects and repurposed materials in her work and is committed to contributing to the local arts community.

In 2018 Bonnie received the Rotary Club of Edmonton North East “Connect” Award.

Rotary Club of Edmonton North East

“Connect” Award 2018 Winner

This artist or their art making has helped others learn more about who they are as a person and what being part of the artists collective to the Nina means to them. The artist is an ambassador for the centre and has helped to increase our connections in the community.

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