meet Pedro [Picasso], Yvette and Aba

Every now and then, you read a story or see a film clip that totally captures your attention.  You forget, for just a moment, about everything else and you are in the moment, totally captivated and engaged.  This week, we are posting three such stories.  They are as diverse as their subjects but equally moving and inspiring.

First we have Pedro who moved to Edmonton from Portugal four years ago.  Faced with some very obviously challenges, his lively spirit shines through his art work and has inspired his family and friends to aptly name him Pedro Picasso.

Two women at the Nina shared equally inspiring stories, one of a father from Ghana and the other a grandmother who sailed away from her home in China to provide a better life for her daughter.  Aba Garbrah remembers a father whose career kept him far from home for extended periods but always shared his unconditional love with her.

Yvette has written and performed an original song to honour her grandmother’s journey by ship from China to Canada with her young daughter in 1953.  Her husband was already in Canada working on the railroad.  She found comfort and self-expression in cooking just as Yvette does now with her art.

You can listen to Yvette’s original song “Searching for Hope,” and watch the music video here.

Pedro, Aba and Yvette’s stories were created during a special project funded in part by the Edmonton Community Foundation and lead by Jocelyn Brown during her tenure as Nina’s writer in residence.  Watch for more stories in weeks to come and if you find them inspiring, please share your favourite stories or comments on social media.