De more yu luk, de less yu si | Raneece Buddan

JANUARY 19 – FEBRUARY 19, 2022

De more yu luk, de less yu si” or “The more you look, the less you see” showcases recent work by Raneece Buddan, a Jamaican artist and 2020 BFA graduate from the University of Alberta. This exhibition is the culmination of Buddan’s collaboration with the Nina Collective of artists with developmental disabilities in December 2021, presented by TD.

Click here to read more about Raneece’s collaboration with the Nina Collective.

Raneece Buddan is a Jamaican artist who moved to Alberta in 2015 and completed her BFA in Art and Design at the University of Alberta in 2020. In her work she focuses on her cultural identity as a Jamaican woman of Afro and Indo-Caribbean descent. She depicts the merging of these cultures by replacing her skin tone with fabrics meant to represent each. Her process is based on material exploration and finding figures within the material, the grains of the wood and mounds of clay. She sees them as being stuck between a phase of abstraction and realism; state of uncertainty. The goal of each piece she creates is to learn more about herself and celebrate the beauty and complexity of her ethnicities and culture throughout the process. Her studio focuses are oil painting, woodworking and ceramics.

Photo of gallery with two sculptures on plinths and a large fabric and wood artwork on the wall. Text on wall says "Raneece Buddan De more yu luk, de less yu si" next to the TD logo.