Tracey Roberts

About this artist

Raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Tracey began making art as a young girl, influenced by her artistic brother Cam. Following a near-fatal car accident when she was 18, Tracey slowly found her way back to art. “My life was bright and happy before the accident and I try to renew that with painting. It’s also a way to express frustration about my losses and my aphasia,” she says.

Tracey works in the ceramics studio as well as in painting and drawing and has developed a distinctive expressive style and palette. Her subjects come from her imagination: “Whatever’s in my mind, I connect with that. I might get an image of a horn, but I don’t know what it’s attached to. I just paint. When I draw people playing music, I’m thinking of my brother Cam. I have trouble seeing what’s good with my art, but people tell me they like it, and I love that,” she says. “When people look at my art, I hope they feel joy. I’m very happy for the art I’m doing.”