Jared Quinney

About this artist

Jared Quinney uses art to explore his fascination with natural history. Upon joining the Nina Collective in 2017, Jared made a name for himself by combining his scientific understanding of dinosaurs with an imaginative use of colour to create ceramic prehistoric creatures that exude personality.

Jared has expanded his practice since then and is always exploring different mediums and techniques in an effort to challenge himself and learn new skills. In 2018 he received the ATB Financial Emerging Artist Award recognizing his growth and potential as an artist.

He is an artist on the autism spectrum and acknowledges that there are unique challenges he must face in his practice, stating for example, “I don’t measure things, I just have to figure it out. It can be hard to focus, but then I get into a flow”.

Jared is a member of Saddle Lake Cree Nation and considers his heritage an important part of his identity. He is an avid reader and collector with an extensive knowledge of both modern and ancient history. He hopes to continue to grow as an artist and share his work with the public through exhibitions and sales.

ATB Financial Emerging Artist Award Winner 2018

Within only a few days of joining the Nina, Jared blew artistic staff away with his engagement and enthusiasm. His eagerness to experiment with new mediums has lead to an already impressive body of work, and he is certain to achieve great things as he continues to develop as an artist.

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