Grace Willard

About this artist

Multimedia artist Grace Willard strives to create work that highlights the beauty of the world around us by depicting the creatures and spaces that she believes enhance our lives. She has been a member of the Nina Haggerty Collective since 2013 and primarily works in acrylic paint and textiles. Grace expresses her love of nature through naturalistic renderings of animals and landscapes in her paintings, as well as in her detailed tapestry work that combines Grace’s appreciation for both intricacy and tactility.

Grace aims to give her viewers a mental escape to tranquil spaces through her art by emphasizing the peace and joy that can be found in nature. Recently, Grace has been interested in using endangered and extinct animals as subject matter for her work in order to draw attention to the vulnerability of currently endangered species and to motivate viewers to contemplate the importance of conservation.

Rotary Club of Edmonton North East

Changed Life Award Winner 2017

“This artist helps us show how profound becoming part of the collective at the Nina can be. The artist’s experiences here have enabled them to change their view on life and add the word artist to the story the tell about themselves. The people they know have a new appreciation for their unique abilities and commitment to themselves”

Video courtesy of Lindisfarne Productions