Project 35

Hand Sanitizer “Tie Dye”

These days there’s hand sanitizer everywhere. But did you know you can use it to make some incredible art? You can experiment with this technique and use it to make a wall hanging or incorporate it into a textile collage.
If you do this on clothing or something that will be washed, make sure you let the fabric dry completely, then put it in the dryer on hot for about 15 minutes to set the ink.
– Sharpies in a few different colours
– Hand sanitizer (liquid works better than gel) or rubbing alcohol. Open a window and make sure you have good ventilation – this stuff stinks!
– White fabric
– Plastic and/or thick cardboard to protect the surface underneath your project
Nina artists can contact 780-474-7611 or email info@thenina.ca to get supplies for this project.


As of July 2020 the Nina has reopened our studios with new hours, cleaning protocols, and limited numbers. We’re still challenging all of our artists to keep making art at home with the #NinaArtChallenge!

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