Project 21

Primary Colour Painting

Step 1.

Follow Keita’s instructions to make a beautiful painting using only 3 colours and simple brushstrokes!

To do this project you will need:
– acrylic paint in red, yellow, and blue
– paint brushes (large and small)
– canvas or paper
Members of the Nina Collective, contact the studio if you need supplies to complete this project!

Step 2.

Show us! Send your photos to janice@thenina.ca, and share them on social media using #NinaArtChallenge. We’ll share your artwork with the world in our digital art gallery!

Some tips for photographing your work:
– Make sure your artwork is well lit. Natural light (from a window or outside) works best!
– Try your best to take the photo straight-on to avoid weird angles. Hanging your art on a wall to take the photo works great, or you can lay your piece flat and shoot from above (but watch out for shadows!)

Keita Kankam

Today’s project is from a special guest! Keita Kankam was born in Accra, Ghana West-Africa where he obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts in 2006. Over the years he has grown and developed different styles of paintings using what he has experienced in his life. He wants to bring to viewers the reflection of their everyday life into his paintings. Keita is one of six local artists participating in the 2020 RBC Emerging Artists Project at the Nina. You can see more of his work at https://www.keitaart.com/

The Nina has suspended our programs until the COVID-19 situation has stabilized, but we’re challenging all of our artists to keep making art at home with the #NinaArtChallenge!

Because we know our artists aren’t the only people stuck at home unexpectedly right now, we’d like to invite all of our friends and followers to participate in these art challenges as well. You can sign up now to receive the #NinaArtChallenge prompts by email and create along with us.

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