Project 16


Step 1.

Make a comic! Here are some tips:

  • Plan out your story – what will happen in your comic?
  • Think about characters and setting – who will be in your comic, where will it take place?
  • Do you want to use speech bubbles or text to help tell your story, or can you tell it with pictures alone? You may need someone from your household to help you add the text, or you can contact the Nina for assistance.
  • Format your comic using the template that Maddi made, or create your own by dividing your page into smaller boxes and shapes. Once you’ve done some planning, you can start sketching!

Step 2.

Show us! Send your photos to janice@thenina.ca, and share them on social media using #NinaArtChallenge. We’ll share your artwork with the world in our next virtual gallery.



Submit your comic before June 22 for your chance to win a prize from the Nina gift shop!

The Nina has suspended our programs until the COVID-19 situation has stabilized, but we’re challenging all of our artists to keep making art at home with the #NinaArtChallenge!

Because we know our artists aren’t the only people stuck at home unexpectedly right now, we’d like to invite all of our friends and followers to participate in these art challenges as well. You can sign up now to receive the #NinaArtChallenge prompts by email and create along with us.

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