Project 11

Monster Mash

Step 1.

Create your own monster by combining different animals and creatures.

Today’s art prompt is inspired by Brittany Leitheiser, an artist from the Nina Collective who specializes in creating monster characters for her stories. There are also many examples from mythology of creatures that are hybrids of multiple animals.

Our challenge is for you to create your own monster by combining body parts from different animals or other monsters.

You can also create your own mythology about the creature: what is it called, what are its powers/abilities and weaknesses, where does it live, what does it do?

Step 2.

Show us! Send your photos to janice@thenina.ca, and share them on social media using #NinaArtChallenge. We’ll share your artwork with the world in our “digital art gallery”.

Reference Images

The Nina has suspended our programs until the COVID-19 situation has stabilized, but we’re challenging all of our artists to keep making art at home with the #NinaArtChallenge!

Because we know our artists aren’t the only people stuck at home unexpectedly right now, we’d like to invite all of our friends and followers to participate in these art challenges as well. You can sign up now to receive the #NinaArtChallenge prompts by email and create along with us.

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